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It Has 12 letters ( s e x m a c u l a t u s )         5 vowels ( e a u a u )         7 consonants ( s x m c l t s )         Word on the contrary sutalucamxes

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Latin - Etymology

New Latin; from _sex_ (“six”) +‎ _maculatus_ (“spotted”).

New Latin; from sex (six) +‎ maculatus (spotted).

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Latin - Pronunciation

* (Classical) IPA(key): /ˈlaː.tus/, [sɛʊˈɫaː.tʊs]

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Latin - Adjective

SEXMACULĀTUS m (_feminine_ SEXMACULĀTA, _neuter_ SEXMACULĀTUM); _first/second declension_ * six-spotted INFLECTION First/second declension.

sexmaculātus m (feminine sexmaculāta, neuter sexmaculātum); first/second declension

  1. six-spotted


First/second declension.

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Latin - Usage Notes

* Used almost exclusively as a taxonomic epithet.

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