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English - Noun

CYSTORRHŒA (_uncountable_) * alternative form of _cystorrhea_ * 1870, James Stannus Hughes, _On Diseases of the Prostate Gland_, Frannin and Co. and Longmans, Green and Co.; page #38: Sometimes cases of chronic catarrh of the bladder, or CYSTORRHŒA, the result of the senile enlargement of the prostate, are met with, in which the mucous secretion from the inflamed bladder becomes temporarily suspended by an attack of bronchitis, and as soon as the expectoration, which may have been very abundant, has subsided, the mucous discharge from the bladder returns.  In chronic catarrh or CYSTORRHŒA of the bladder, the lining membrane becomes in time extensively inflamed, the muscular coat becoming greatly thickened and its cavity contracted, as you will see well‐marked in the specimen I shall now hand round, which was taken from the patient lately in No. 6 ward.

cystorrhœa (uncountable)

  1. alternative form of cystorrhea

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