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Que a categoria em ENGLISH - ETYMOLOGY
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English - Etymology

From Middle English _hiȝly_, _heȝly_, _heyȝliche_, from Old English _hēalīce_ (“highly”), equivalent to _high_ +‎ _-ly_. Cognate with Dutch _hoogelijk_ (“highly”), German _höchlich_ (“highly”), Danish _højlig_ (“highly”), Swedish _högligen_ (“highly”).

From Middle English hiȝly, heȝly, heyȝliche, from Old English hēalīce (highly), equivalent to high +‎ -ly. Cognate with Dutch hoogelijk (highly), German höchlich (highly), Danish højlig (highly), Swedish högligen (highly).

Que a categoria em ENGLISH - ADVERB
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English - Adverb

HIGHLY (_comparative_ HIGHLIER _or_ MORE HIGHLY, _superlative_ HIGHLIEST _or_ MOST HIGHLY) * In a high or esteemed manner. _He spoke HIGHLY of you._ * Extremely; greatly; very much. _He is in a HIGHLY visible job._ USAGE NOTES * The adverb HIGHLY and the adverb HIGH shouldn't be confused. _This is certainly HIGHLY recommended._ _HIGH above us the stars were shining._ TRANSLATIONS

highly (comparative highlier or more highly, superlative highliest or most highly)

  1. In a high or esteemed manner.
    He spoke highly of you.
  2. Extremely; greatly; very much.
    He is in a highly visible job.

Usage notes



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