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Que a categoria em ENGLISH - ETYMOLOGY
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English - Etymology

From Old French _honorable_

From Old French honorable

Que a categoria em ENGLISH - ADJECTIVE
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English - Adjective

HONOURABLE (_comparative_ MORE HONOURABLE, _superlative_ MOST HONOURABLE) * (British) alternative form of _honorable_ * 1846, George Luxford, Edward Newman, _The Phytologist: a popular botanical miscellany: Volume 2, Part 2_, page 474 It was aptly said by Newton that "whatever is not deduced from facts must be regarded as hypothesis," but hypothesis appears to us a title too HONOURABLE for the crude guessings to which we allude. DERIVED TERMS * honourably

honourable (comparative more honourable, superlative most honourable)

  1. (British) alternative form of honorable

Derived terms

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