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English - Etymology

_shag_ (“to have sexual intercourse with”) +‎ _-aholic_

shag (to have sexual intercourse with) +‎ -aholic

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English - Noun

SHAGAHOLIC (_plural_ SHAGAHOLICS) * (UK, slang) A person who is addicted to sex. * 1999, "Pianist Steve Koven and the Steve Koven Trio perform at the Downtown Jazz Festival", _Toronto Star_, 29 June 1999: You young 'uns might not believe this, but Michael Caine burst on to the screen as a bona fide sex symbol thanks to Alfie, about a Cockney SHAGAHOLIC who made the most of the Swinging '60s. * 2002, Alison Kerr, "Videos", _The Herald_ (Glasgow), 12 December 2002: Myers may still be having fun with his SHAGAHOLIC spy, as well as the rest of the characters he plays, but he's the only one still laughing. * 2008, David Segal, "The Kennedy Center Honors: Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend", _The Washington Post_, 7 December 2008: "I suppose in some ways I was a SHAGAHOLIC," [Roger Daltrey] says, chewing on a fig from a fruit platter. "I just liked female company on the road." * For more examples of usage of this term, see the citations page. SYNONYMS * sexaholic

shagaholic (plural shagaholics)

  1. (UK, slang) A person who is addicted to sex.


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