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English - Etymology

From Middle French _incomparable_, from Old French, from Latin _incomparabilis_

From Middle French incomparable, from Old French, from Latin incomparabilis

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English - Adjective

INCOMPARABLE (_comparative_ MORE INCOMPARABLE, _superlative_ MOST INCOMPARABLE) * So much better than another as to be beyond comparison; matchless or unsurpassed. * _c._ 1905, Oscar Wilde, _De Profundis_, (1909), Robert Baldwin Ross, ed., page 112: I know of nothing in all drama more INCOMPARABLE from the point of view of art, nothing more suggestive in its subtlety of observation, than Shakespeare's drawing of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. * (rare) Not able to be compared. USAGE NOTES * Using _more_ or _most_ with _incomparable_, though often disapproved, is relatively common. Such uses may once have only been accepted for poetic effect, but are now widespread. * Despite its apparently absolute meaning, _incomparable_ is often used as if there were degrees of incomparability, occurring with adverbs such as _so_ and _very_. DERIVED TERMS * incomparability RELATED TERMS * comparable * uncomparable TRANSLATIONS

incomparable (comparative more incomparable, superlative most incomparable)

  1. So much better than another as to be beyond comparison; matchless or unsurpassed.
  2. (rare) Not able to be compared.

Usage notes

Derived terms

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French - Etymology

_in-_ +‎ _comparable_

in- +‎ comparable

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French - Adjective

INCOMPARABLE (_masculine and feminine_, _plural_ INCOMPARABLES) * incomparable; uncomparable

incomparable (masculine and feminine, plural incomparables)

  1. incomparable; uncomparable

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French - External Links

* “incomparable” in _le Trésor de la langue française informatisé_ (_The Digitized Treasury of the French Language_).

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