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27/02/2015 02h52

Other ways to say ‘WHAT’S UP?'


what's up

– Sup? (short slang version of what’s up)
– Howdy?
– How’s it going?
– What’s going on?
– Wagwan (Slang version of ‘What’s going on?’)
– What’s happening?
– What’s new?
– Anything new with you?
– What’s new with you?
– How are you?
– Any excitement recently?
– What are you up to? (Gets shortened to ‘What you up to? – slang)
– What you doing?
– Whatcha doin’?
– What’s cookin’?
– What’s shaking?
– What’s sizzlin’?
– What’s crackin’?
– What’s poppin’?
– What’s shakin’ bacon?
– How have you been? (Gets shortened to ‘How you been?’)
– How’s life treating you?
– Hey there!
– What’s up buttercup?
– What’s cookin’, good lookin’?
– Well hello there!



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