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It Has 9 letters ( u x o r i a l l y )         4 vowels ( u o i a )         5 consonants ( x r l l y )         Word on the contrary yllairoxu

Which the Definition/Meaning of uxorially in categoryENGLISH - ADVERB
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English - Adverb

UXORIALLY (_not comparable_) * In an uxorial fashion. * 1881, Eustace Clare Grenville Murray, _Side-lights on English Society_ Clerical husbands who have been UXORIALLY driven by wives who wielded their father's croziers, so to say, have been known to jib — nay, to kick out... * 1970, Joseph Collins, _Idling in Italy_ Every contact with the affairs of the world, save UXORIALLY, was changed... * 1992, Jean H Hagstrum, _Esteem Enlivened by Desire: The Couple from Homer to Shakespeare_ ...her husband may in fact have come as an outside intruder into her already established and maternally and UXORIALLY oriented realm.

uxorially (not comparable)

  1. In an uxorial fashion.

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