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It Has 12 letters ( p h o e l i g n i c i a )         6 vowels ( o e i i i a )         6 consonants ( p h l g n c )         Word on the contrary aicinœhP

Which the Definition/Meaning of Phœnicia in categoryENGLISH - PROPER NOUN
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PHœNICIA * obsolete spelling of _Phoenicia_ * 1811, John Pinkerton, _A general collection of the best and most interesting voyages and travels in all parts of the world_, page 469: Here we came into the part of Syria, which was the ancient PHœNICIA, a country always remarkable for its commerce, the inhabitants of which went out in many colonies, and peopled Carthage, Sicily, and ſeveral other countries.


  1. obsolete spelling of Phoenicia

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