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It Has 11 letters ( a b d o m i n a l e s )         5 vowels ( a o i a e )         6 consonants ( b d m n l s )         Word on the contrary selanimodba

Which the in categoryFRENCH - PRONUNCIATION
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French - Pronunciation

* IPA(key): /ab.dɔ.mi.nal/ * Homophones: abdominal, abdominale

Which the in categoryFRENCH - ADJECTIVE
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French - Adjective

ABDOMINALES * feminine plural of _abdominal_ _douleurs ABDOMINALES_ — ABDOMINAL pains


  1. feminine plural of abdominal
    douleurs abdominalesabdominal pains

Which the in categoryLATIN - ADJECTIVE
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Latin - Adjective

ABDOMINĀLĒS * nominative masculine plural of _abdominālis_ * nominative feminine plural of _abdominālis_ * accusative masculine plural of _abdominālis_ * accusative feminine plural of _abdominālis_ * vocative masculine plural of _abdominālis_ * vocative feminine plural of _abdominālis_


  1. nominative masculine plural of abdominālis
  2. nominative feminine plural of abdominālis
  3. accusative masculine plural of abdominālis
  4. accusative feminine plural of abdominālis
  5. vocative masculine plural of abdominālis
  6. vocative feminine plural of abdominālis

Which the in categorySPANISH - ADJECTIVE
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Spanish - Adjective

ABDOMINALES * plural form of _abdominal_


  1. plural form of abdominal

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