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It Has 5 letters ( n i v e o )         3 vowels ( i e o )         2 consonants ( n v )         Word on the contrary oevin

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Italian - Adjective

NIVEO m (_feminine_ NIVEA, _masculine plural_ NIVEI, _feminine plural_ NIVEE) * snow-white, snowy, niveous RELATED TERMS * neve

niveo m (feminine nivea, masculine plural nivei, feminine plural nivee)

  1. snow-white, snowy, niveous

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Italian - Anagrams

* ovine

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Latin - Adjective

NIVEō * dative masculine singular of _niveus_ * dative neuter singular of _niveus_ * ablative masculine singular of _niveus_ * ablative neuter singular of _niveus_


  1. dative masculine singular of niveus
  2. dative neuter singular of niveus
  3. ablative masculine singular of niveus
  4. ablative neuter singular of niveus

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