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It Has 8 letters ( o b j e c t u s )         3 vowels ( o e u )         5 consonants ( b j c t s )         Word on the contrary sutcejbo

Which the in categoryLATIN - ETYMOLOGY
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Latin - Etymology

Perfect passive participle of _ōbjiciō_

Perfect passive participle of ōbjiciō

Which the in categoryLATIN - PARTICIPLE
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Latin - Participle

ŌBJECTUS m (_feminine_ ŌBJECTA, _neuter_ ŌBJECTUM); _first/second declension_ * alternative form of _obiectus_ INFLECTION First/second declension.

ōbjectus m (feminine ōbjecta, neuter ōbjectum); first/second declension

  1. alternative form of obiectus


First/second declension.

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