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Tiene 12 cartas ( w h a t e v e r n e s s )         4 vocales ( a e e e )         8 consonantes ( w h t v r n s s )         Palabra por el contrario ssenrevetahw

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English - Etymology

_whatever_ +‎ _-ness_

whatever +‎ -ness

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English - Noun

WHATEVERNESS (_uncountable_) * _This term needs a definition. Please help out and ADD A DEFINITION, then remove the text {{rfdef}}._ * 1992, James Dillet Freeman, _The hilltop heart: reflections of a practical mystic_ (page 33) Without Mind there are only meaningless electrons whirling in WHATEVERNESS. Not even so much as that, for it is Mind that identifies the meaningless whateverness and cries out, "Electrons!" * 2013, Michael Sayeau, _Against the Event_ Rather than the arrival of subjectivity through a decision, through fidelity, this occurrence is distinctly promiscuous—it ends nearly as soon as it begins and leads only to the exposure of the WHATEVERNESS of the individuals involved.

whateverness (uncountable)

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